How To Workout at Home Without Weights

How To Workout at Home Without Weights

Here’s a great question: “How to workout at home without weights?”

It’s a great question because so many people believe they have to go to the gym to workout. Or, because they only workout at the gym when they go on vacation or a long business trip they miss out on their regular workouts.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need a gym to workout! You do NOT need weights to get stronger or stay fit!

There are many ways to workout in as little space as you have in your living room or a hotel room if you are traveling.

That’s what we are all about. We want to help out the average person become more fit and be able to do more with their life.

We use a program that we used while in the Marine Corps. However, we’ve modified it and brought it down to a simple basic level where everybody can start.

The last time we did our full 30 minute workout was about 9 months ago. On top of that one of our viewers asked how we were doing since we made our last video.

So, we decided on January 1st, 2023 to start the program up again. But, this time we will do our bestest to never stop again.

Here is our workout from 1 January 2023. You can see from this video I’m no different than the average guy or gal. You don’t have to be super strong or in shape to get started with me.

1 Jan 2023

Now, here we are one week later. Believe me, I was stiff and sore for me two workouts between then and now.

I do a three day routine: day one, day off, day on, day off, day on, two days off.

Man, my second workout I could barely reach between my knees and ankle and my third workout I could barely reach my ankles.

However, some hot baths, good sleep and quality food plus one week later.

Well, you can see the results in this video from Jan 8, 2023.

8 Jan 2023

As I progress up my levels, I will continue to post the next level here on my website. Each week I will post the workout video on my YouTube channel:


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