Short Introduction to Full Body Workout Routines at Home

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I gave a brief introduction to some of my past on my About Me page, if you are interested. If not, we shall proceed with discussing my plans for the “Full Body Workout Routines at Home” website.

Over the past 5 years or so I’ve tried to jump start a live workout stream on YouTube but I didn’t get much traction. The first problem is that I’m an American living in Germany and if most of my audience is in the United States then they aren’t going to be able to participate with me live at a time that is convenient for all of us.

Therefore, I’ve decided to develop several programs that I will have on my YouTube channel that people can watch at a time that is convenient for them; to include:

I really believe there should be more available for the average person who hasn’t been an athlete before. Athletes and these folks who are pumping out these get ready for the beach videos just aren’t addressing the everyday person like you and me.

I want to fill in that gap, while at the same time improving my health so I can enjoy time with my grandson. And, the best way to do that is through a regular exercise schedule for the rest of my life.

By my doing this online it forces me to keep up a regular schedule and in that way it is a win-win situation. I win because I stay in shape and can enjoy my grand kid(s) longer and you win because you too can get in shape and have better quality of life as you get older.

I’m currently 6 foot at about 213#. My wife can’t find her measuring tape, but I’d like to take all of my measurements so we can see where we started. Of course, one of the reasons I take off my shirt during the workouts is so you can see where I’m at visually, as well.

I will also be publishing posts on the best supplements for men to build muscle, after all I need to earn a living, too, and I do it through affiliate marketing.

resistance bands

Based on what you see above, what else would you like to see on this website? I love to interact with people so don’t be shy, say hello and let’s have a conversation.

To your health!

Les Waller

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